Top 15 Must-See Attractions in Florida

Your vacation has started, and you are wondering where you want to visit next. Do not worry because to have a wholesome experience on your vacation, visit Florida, where you can enjoy everything that you like! In Florida, you can enjoy many things, whether it be exploring forests or sunbathing on the beach; there is a lot to see. And with Faremsatch, you can get your hands on the best cheap airfare from New York to Miami flights with ease.

  1. Walt Disney World

You are in Florida, and there is no chance you would be missing out on the world's most famous and loved theme park, Walt Disney World! Entering the park will surely take you back to your younger days, and you will be able to live those moments again; you will get to see and click pictures with your all-time favorite characters from different Disney movies and shows. Besides that, the park is filled with fun rides like roller coasters or Ferris wheels. This place will fill your day with joy and laughter, so do visit this park with your family. Many United Vacations packages offer hotels in the Disney world, which can save your budget more.

  1. Coral Gables

If you like everything to be elegant, then Coral Gables is the place for you! This neighborhood showcases its breathtaking beauty to visitors with its beautiful houses and lavish gardens. The architecture of this place seems straight out of a fairy tale movie! It is also a great place to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle. With United Flights, you will be able to witness this beautiful place without stressing about your budget!

  1. The Kennedy Space Center

Florida has everything to offer, from beaches to forests, so why back out when it comes to space? You will have the experience of knowing the Universe you live in, various stars, and even your own planet Earth by visiting The Kennedy Space Center! You will see different activities there and will surely gain knowledge about your planet and stars; you will also be able to know how astronauts visit and live in space. If you are fascinated by space and stars, The Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit for you.

  1. St. Augustine

Do old towns, the cobblestone streets, and the vintage houses intrigue you? Then, visit St. Augustine to travel back in time! When you walk past the ancient buildings and homes, they will tell you some stories about their past. You can explore the fort or walk around the city and encounter the magic of the place. There are a few charming little cafes and shops where you can stop by and purchase many things that are related to the city itself.

  1. Universal Studios

When you are done visiting Disney World, don't get upset because you will get to live your childhood once more in Universal Studios! This theme park has everything, from rides to food and some magical experiences. Do you wish to be a wizard? Then stress no more; visit the Harry Potter world and live in the moment like a wizard! Buy your own wand and robes, visit Hogwarts Castle, and remember to give the butterbeer a sip! Other than that, there are more rides and fun activities related to different movies. To relive your childhood memories in Universal Studios, book your Aeromexico flights to Florida with Fresmatch.

  1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

You are in Florida with your family and want to make it more adventurous. Then visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, which is a perfect place to spend with your family with a hint of some adventures. The zoo is filled with a variety of animals, and you can interact with the giraffes and otters there. Along with the wildlife, the place is surrounded by greenery and flowers. You can gain some knowledge about the wildlife and also see beautiful shows. This place will make your family vacation filled with joy and laughter.

  1. Fort Myers

Fort Myers is a must-visit place when you are in Florida because you will get to witness both nature and history! There, you can explore the houses of well-known people like Thomas Edison. You can sneak peek into their workshops and see the inventions that change the world. The gardens around the house are filled with exotic plants and trees. Gain knowledge about these inventions at the Fort Myers.

  1. Mount Dora

Mount Dora is a town in Florida that encompasses a cozy and warm vibe. This town is exceptionally well known for its antique shops, where you'll undoubtedly discover interesting objects with very extraordinary backstories. But do not just think that Mount Dora is, as it were, about vintage stuff; this town knows how to celebrate! The city celebrates diverse celebrations all year round, and visiting during those times will be extraordinary. You'll be able to try other foods, enjoy music, and make cheerful memories. Southwest Airlines flights are always readily available, and with the help of the Southwest Low Fare Calendar, you can determine the lowest price on airfare.

  1. Gatorland

Do you like thrilling experiences like getting close to an alligator? Seems impossible, right? But in Gatorland, it is possible. It is kind of an adventure with the alligators. You can watch different shows that include the giant reptiles; they will perform tricks for the audience. Other than alligators, there are different animals, too, which you can see by strolling around the park. If you want a thrilling experience in your life, visit Gatorland!

  1. Tampa Riverwalk

Imagine walking along the water, the cool breeze hitting your face gently and the sun setting in the background; sounds too perfect, right? You can experience this exact scene on the Tampa Riverwalk! This place is ideal for a small walk, surrounded by nature, artwork, and people enjoying their time. If you want to clear your head or to spend some relaxing time, visit Tampa Riverwalk.

  1. Ocala National Park

If you are a nature lover, Ocala National Park is just the perfect place for you! You will be surrounded by different trees and pants along the crystal clear springs, where you may relax and dip your toes. You can also go hiking there, and a picnic might be perfect. Or to enjoy more, you can camp there for the night, watching out for the stars.

  1. Dali Museum

If you are into artwork, consider visiting the Dali Museum. The artwork of this artist will make you awe for sure. The art may portray different things, but they convey various messages, which may get you puzzled. You can wake your inner artist in this museum!

  1. Little Havana

Do you want to experience visiting a different city while being in Florida? Then Miami's own little Havana is a must-visit place. You can experience everything in the Cuban way. The food, music, and coffee will make you fall in love with Cuba! The people there are always ready for a salsa; you will surely have a lot of fun in this neighborhood.

  1. The Gulf Islands National Seashore

Are you a beach person? If yes, then congratulations, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is the perfect place for you! This picture-perfect beach with white sand and clear water is just the place to enjoy a wholesome vacation! You can build sandcastles or enjoy the water with your family. It is a very refreshing way to spend your holidays in Florida.

  1. The Naples Zoo

The Naples Zoo will make you feel like you are in a jungle paradise filled with various animals! There is so much to explore here, so think of it as something other than any zoo. You will be surrounded by a tropical garden and will get to witness colorful birds, monkeys, and tigers that are living peacefully there. You can have a wholesome experience by getting company from different creatures. So, if you are an animal lover, this zoo is a must-visit for you.