Drive Quality Traffic With Long Tail Keywords in SEO


Did you know about 70% of total search queries are made using long-tail keywords? This is because users are likelier to use long tail keywords when making a purchase decision. So by using long tail keywords in SEO of your website, you can easily attract customers who are interested in purchasing your products and services. 

So it is no wonder long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate than generic keywords.

Moreover, in the past few years, long tail keywords have become more prominent with increased voice search. This is because people generally enter queries in their natural language. Therefore, long-tail keywords are more likely to capture customers and draw them to your website. Therefore, having long tail keywords in SEO is the most essential thing you can do to improve your website performance.

If you want to know more about the benefits of long tail keywords, this is the right blog. Keep reading to find out more about them.

What are long tail keywords in SEO?

Long tail keywords refer to search terms that are longer than most keyword types. These keywords are more specific and at least longer than three words. Because they are so specific, the search volume of long tail keywords in SEO tends to be relatively low. In addition, the competition is also very low, so you can easily rank for them with the right SEO strategy. 

Despite having low search volume, long tail keywords have high conversion rates. With the right keyword, you can easily attract the right customer at the right time. If you'd like to know what long-tail keywords look like, then here are a few examples:

  • Marketing agency for fashion brands

  • Graphic designer in New York

  • Coffee shop near me, etc.

Have you noticed how all of these keywords are long and specific? These are what you will call long tail keywords in SEO. Depending on your industry and goal, you can collect a list of relevant long-tail keywords throughout your website. This way, you'll be able to target customers closer to the point of purchase accurately. 

Long tail keywords are useful, but only if you use them smartly; that's why hiring a professional SEO agency for the job is better. The next section will briefly explain how these keywords work so you can use them properly.

How do long tail keywords in SEO work?

Managing long-tail keywords is different from how you deal with short-tail keywords. Here, you need to establish a better line of communication between you and your customers. 

Following is a simple explanation of how long tail keywords in SEO work:

Imagine you own a cafe in a large metropolitan city like New York. What are the chances your business will appear at the top of the search engine result page? No, right, but if you specialize in organic coffee, you can use the keyword "organic coffee near me" to be more discoverable to potential customers looking for relevant queries.

People only use long tail keywords when they have already decided to purchase. So it's obvious that you may get less traffic through long tail keywords in SEO. But do not forget that the traffic you will attract will be more beneficial. The next section will further discuss why long-tail keywords are so important for your business.

What makes long tail keywords in SEO so important?

The fact that these keywords can drive quality traffic to your website only solidifies the importance of long tail keywords in SEO. Following are some more reasons why you should consider making long tail keywords a permanent part of your SEO strategy. 

Long tail are easier to rank

Short tail keywords are generally hard to rank for because of the high competition. Sometimes, it could take months, if not years, before you can rank for such keywords, and that is with the help of a top SEO agency. 

The keyword difficulty for short-tail keywords is very high. However, such is not the case for long-tail keywords; they are less competitive, and thus, you can easily rank for them with the correct SEO strategy.

They help you drive targeted traffic

What are the chances that you will search for a keyword like "SEO services in New York"? Searching for specific queries when you are on the verge of purchasing is natural. 

Overall, users are only specific when they intend to buy. Therefore, long tail keywords in SEO are a good choice if you want to target customers searching for relevant queries to make a purchase.  

Less expensive PPC

If you rely on Google Ads, you must know how costly high-volume keywords can be. Additionally, these types of keywords do even convert customers well. Therefore, using them for your PPC campaign will simply waste your resources. 

Long tail keywords, on the other hand, have a lower cost per click and a high conversion rate. So it's a win-win situation for you if you use long tail keywords in SEO.

There are a lot of them

Although you may not get much traffic on each long-tail keyword, the more traffic you have on your website, the better. Because the combined traffic of long tail keywords could be quite big, and the quality of traffic would also be very high. 

Moreover, the biggest benefit of long tail keywords is that there are plenty of them. So you will neither have a hard time finding them nor experience a shortage of keywords.

On that note, the next section will give you a few useful tips for searching for long tail keywords in SEO.

Useful tips to find long tail keywords

Following are some useful and reliable tips to find the right long tail keyword for your niche:

Use keyword research tools

One of the easiest ways you can look for relevant long tail keywords is through keyword research tools. All you have to do is type in the words you want to search, and you will immediately get a list of useful keywords.

Try "Serach related to" in Google

Ever paid attention to the cessation at the bottom of the search result page? Well, you are about to know because these are a gold mine of long tail keywords in SEO you can use.

Google Autocomplete

One of the simplest ways to research long tail keywords is through Google autocomplete. All you have to do is enter the keyword, and you will get suggestions for long-tail keywords you can potentially use.

People also ask for boxes on Google

Another useful way to find long tail keywords is through Google's "People also ask" section.

Check the Google Search Console Performance Report

Sometimes, all you need to do is to look inside, and you will find the answer waiting for you at the doorstep. Just check your console performance report, and you will most likely find long tail keywords you are unknowingly ranking for.


Keywords are the foundation of a good SEO strategy; targeting the right keywords can easily boost your business sales. If you struggle to rank for your target keywords and do not know what to do. Then, it is time you start paying attention to long-tail keywords in SEO. By targeting these keywords, you will significantly improve the quality of traffic you receive.